Blatant Self-Promotion from the World’s Most Humble Author

John Duckworth Books

About John Duckworth

He’s the author of many books, including the Carolyn Neville Mysteries. A longtime writer and editor, he’s penned scripts for VeggieTales and a giant chipmunk puppet, not to mention radio comedy and plays. He and his wife, Liz, live in Colorado and have two grown children.

About the Carolyn Neville Mysteries

Carolyn’s a lovably acerbic Manhattan book editor. She and her colleague Stephen Ames face danger as they try to preserve Western civilization one adverb at a time. If you enjoy Horace Rumpole, Monk, and Stephanie Plum, you’ll like this unique blend of suspense and humor.

Book One: Murder Most Annoying

Carolyn and Stephen investigate charges that their top self-help author’s bestselling memoir is a fake. They find themselves on the suspect list, dodging more bullets than most people in their profession encounter in a lifetime.

Book Two: Murder Most Irritating

Trying to squeeze a book out of a whistleblowing researcher, Carolyn and Stephen face a shady drug company, a vindictive police chief, the county jail, and a mysterious figure who’s on their trail.

Book Three: Murder Most Maddening

When Carolyn’s old friend and mentor Marvin Ainsley Pitts, true-crime author, is assaulted and left in a coma, she and Stephen investigate. A small mountain mining town is the setting as they encounter an unsolved murder case, hostile locals, and a literal trial by fire.


5 Stars from Marianne Hering, Author of the Imagination Station Series

“This book was a delight to read. . . . Jam-packed with one-liners that will make you laugh out loud. . . . A must-read for those in book editing and anyone who enjoys books. A good plot plus some wit and a bit of wisdom make this one of my favorite reads this year.”

5 Stars from Kathy Davis, Editor

“If you suffer from insomnia, don’t read this book thinking it will put you to sleep. . . . Instead, this book will make you laugh out loud. . . . Buy this book. You won’t be sorry.”

5 Stars from Jon D, Recording Artist

“A wonderful read! Quality work, sir! Spectacular mix of comedy and mystery. Couldn’t put it down! Also can’t wait for the next two!”